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Transformation in Genval


acmia - atelier d'architecture

Idyllic surrounings for this old house to renovate : the peace and quiet of a field in the back area, a sloping land offering a 360° view of the landscape and the valley, all in a vegetal environment particularly luxurious.

The 3 basic wishes:
- to increase living space
- to take advantage of the exceptional situation by increasing the interaction between the house and its garden
- to restore a contemporary but sober aesthetic to the whole
The interactions with the surrounding environment are multiple :
- large glass surfaces in the extension, allowing optimal enjoyment of the view and the light, while limiting overheating thanks to solar protections integrated in the roof overhangs
- framing of the views in the existing part, thanks to square windows distributed in a heterogeneous way. This heterogeneous distribution allow to modify only in a very limited and punctual way the old openings.
- creation of a terrace, allowing to enjoy a large flat outdoor space and directly accessible from the living rooms (despite the steep slope of the land), with a view overlooking the surrounding landscape.

The overall aesthetic is studied so as to:
- differentiate the existing part from the new part thanks to the use of different materials (wood and plaster) and thanks to a different treatment of the openings (large windows for the extension, small square openings distributed in a heterogeneous way for the existing part )
- accentuate the open and contemporary look of the extension
- harmonize the volumes of the existing part, the new part and the carport.
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Sentier Ladrière n°8
1332 Genval

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