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adn architectures

adn is an investigation unit whose ongoing research covers various fields and scales.
Private sector : furniture design, interior design, extensions and transformations as well as new homes. Public sector : collective housing, cultural infrastructure, community facilities.
David Henquinet
Nicolas Iacobellis
Didier Vander Heyden
Sara Garcia
Maxime Blanc
Pauline Zamaron
Amalia Varesi
Rosemay Puyo
- Horta architectural prize 2016, Selected, Loft FOR
- Belgian Building Awards 2015, Nominated, Loft FOR
- Belgian prize for architecture and energize 2015, Selected, Loft FOR
- Architecture Wallonie 2015 Award, housing category, Selected, Habitation AND
- Urbanism and Architecture Award in Brabant Wallon 2013, housing category, First Price, TSL House
- Blue House Prize 2012, Nominated, LAR House
- Belgian prize for architecture and energize 2011, Selected, LAR House and KRA1 House
- Urbanism and Architecture Award in Brabant Wallon 2010, renovating category, First Price, NSV House
- Architecture Wallonie 2010 Award, housing category, Special Mention, LAR House
Audrey Contesse, in A+ 223, p.58-60, Brussels, 2010-04, KRA1 House
Marie Pok, in La Libre Essentielle, p.4-10, Brussels, 2010-09, KRA1 House and LAR House
Catherine Callico, in W+B, Brussels, 2010-09, Report on agency
Stone , Prisme Editions, Brussels, 2010-10, p.72-77 , p.186-189, Parachute Parc Restaurant + LAR House
Architectures Tome 11, « 10 projets qui déro(an)gent en Brabant wallon », Anne Norman, Maison de l'urbanisme du Brabant wallon – CCBW, Wavre, 2011, p.34-39, TSL House
Belgium New Architecture 5, Prisme Éditions, Bruxelles, 2011, p.124-127, KRA1 House
Marie-Cécile Guyaux, Le salon de l'auto, in A+, Brussels, 2011-04, p.52-54, LOB House
Sebastian Redecke, S'élever et attirer le regard, in A+, Brussels, 2011-12, p.67-71, Musée Juif de Belgique
Kein Raum wie der andere, in MD international designscout for furniture, interior and design, 2012-07, Leinfelden, p.34-37, TSL House
De Standaard Magazine, An Bogaerts, Zomerhuis zonder zwembad, 2012-11, p. 40-44, LAR House
Diseño Interior, Spain, Menos es suficiente, 2014-02, p. 54-61, Loft FOR
Interiors, South Korea, International House – Loft For, 2014-03, p. 262-271, Loft FOR
A+T, Spain, Distributing two volumes in a void, Automne 2013-Numéro 42, p.84-87, Loft FOR
L'Architecture en Belgique, 25 ans en 75 projets, Lannoo, Tielt, 2014, p.183, 246, 247, Loft FOR
Belgium New Architecture 6, Prisme Éditions, Bruxelles, 2016, p.92-95, Loft FOR
Architrave, Papillon pour pavillon, Liège, 2017-05, p.10-12, AND House
Warehouse Home, Thames & Hudson, London, 2017, p.228-229, Loft FOR

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