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« Le propre de tout être devenu humain est sa conscience de l’Autre » : we are all members of a boundary-less community, sharing today’s planet with tomorrow’s children … the ensuing responsible approach necessarily materialized by positive impact not only upon each user (zoom in), but also upon the community as a whole (zoom out) … the consequent deliberation kindling a holistic and empathetic response encompassing sustainability globally.

architectesassoc. , directed by marc lacour and sabine leribaux, aims at expressing the needs at hand through the lens of social, political, economic, urban, human, emotional, environmental, cultural, or temporal, … context. This is reflected in the team’s broad outlook, essentially tapping into the wealth of exchanges encouraged between all actors … and equally, into each actor’s respective competencies.

Today, half of the Earth’s inhabitants live in urban settings. It is therefore paramount that our present think modes integrate this context fully…

and in so doing address the diverse echelons wherein architect and urban planner work hand in hand : thus a city becomes a collective body of work in which our fundamental human right to live together with dignity notwithstanding our differences is upheld, where rules are necessary but do not constitute a guaranty of success, and where we are once again put face to face with real people and their real capacity for creating real things … for getting things done.
Marc Lacour
Sabine Leribaux
Laura Claeys
Simon Delvigne
Mattias D'Hooghe
Amina Hammani
Elodie Léonard
Thomas Maisin
Corina Pitic
Sophie Vantieghem
Sébastien Zigrand
Maisin Centre: Prix d'architecture Bruxelles-Horta 2005
Belmont Court: Winner of MIPIM Awards 2007
Aéropolis II: BATEX 2007
Ernotte-Ixelles: Projet lauréat : plan régional du logement 2007
Aéropolis II: nominé au jury final du prix belge pour l’architecture 2011, catégorie non résidentielle – secteur privé
Aéropolis II: nominé au jury final du prix belge pour l’énergie 2011, catégorie non résidentielle
Aéropolis II: lauréat du prix d’architecture contemporaine 2011 de la commune de Schaerbeek
Elia: BATEX 2011

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1180 Bruxelles

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