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Baumans-Deffet, Architecture et Urbanisme

In 1999, Arlette Baumans and Bernard Deffet bring into being Baumans-Deffet sprl architecture et urbanisme. The intent is to create a dynamic and performant working structure with the capacity to qualitatively respond to the ever renewed requirements of architecture and urban design disciplines.

Using the extensive professional experience of both partners Baumans-Deffet sprl architecture et urbanisme quickly develops its capacity to manage public and private projects of increasing size and complexity. The built up experience within public commissions becomes a determining element for the confidence granted by the clients towards Baumans-Deffet. A special attention is paid towards the urban dimension of the studied projects. The increasing interest of Baumans-Deffet for the links to be established between architecture and urban design has generated a specificity in the work produced.

The structure of the office reflects a global search for quality. The use of state of the art computer programs, the efforts to match quality certification requirements (ISO 9001) as well the competence and human qualities of collaborating architects garantees the qualiy of a complex creative process.

The global aspects of an architectural or urban design approach is continuously confronted with the specific needs of clients and users. Without any form of apriorism the installed dialogue participates to the search of the the projects’ particularities.

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4000 Liège

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