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greisch architecture office, created by Philippe Greisch and established in Herstal-Liège accounts for 14 persons. The team is dealing in several architecture domains : renovations, refitting, catering, reassignment, public or private buildings has a long standing experience in the management and the direction of diverse architectural projects.
Thanks to its investigation and team spirit, its permanent renewal and dynamism, its invention allied to imagination, greisch architecture office is able to take care of an entire mission of a project from its initial conception to the studies of execution for the architecture part and in association with diverse engineering consulting firm for the stability and/or the technical equipments. Greisch architecture office working approach is based on efficiency, rationality and quality criterias. The particularity of the office is to offer integrated solutions in both a pragmatism and functional spirit, within the framework of a range of activities. The optimization of the treatments in the acoustic, thermal and renewable energies point of view leads us to participate to the conception of long-lasting buildings. The multi disciplinary team of architects, acousticians, thermal specialists, renewable energy specialists, public market specialists,…bring their expertise and allow to offer tangible, simple and thrifty solutions.
Frédéric Séquaris, architecte, administrateur délégué
Jean-Yves Eischen, architecte, administrateur délégué
Pierre-François Geenen, architecte, administrateur-délégué
Anne-Charlotte Hanozin, architecte, administrateur-délégué
Philippe Greisch, architecte
Jean-Luc Delaux, architecte d'intérieur, dessinateur
Nathalie Genicot, gestion administrative
Fanny Walgraffe, dessinatrice
Elise Marlier, architecte
David Vieujean, architecte
Pauline Durieux, ingénieur-architecte
François Lomba, architecte
Christophe Klubert, dessinateur
Olivine Thirion, architecte
Antoine Ramirez, architecte
Balthazar van der Rest, architecte
Mathilde Paulus, architecte
Céline Santiago, architecte
2011 - Price of Urban Planning of the City of Liege, for the construction of a single family dwelling in Angleur

2011 - Price of Urban Planning of the City of Liege, for the construction of non-residential building in Liège (RTBF)

Parc industriel des Hauts-Sarts, 1ère Avenue, 165
4040 Herstal

Tél : +32 4 366 14 02





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