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Concéntrico 10 opens the calls for entries

Concéntrico 10 opens the calls for entries
Concéntrico 10 opens the calls for entries

Concéntrico celebrates its 10th edition with a major transformation in which we want to visualise the future of the festival and share the learning acquired about the city by incorporating new formats, integrating audiences and meeting challenges that explore time as a factor of change in urban and social design.The new edition will be held from 25 April to 1 May 2024.

The festival opens today the competitions and adds as a novelty The Street in 10 years, an innovative programme that we are launching with Porto Academy in which five teams will be selected to design an area of the city with a ten-year strategy; and the proposal Celebrating the city, a competition that combines architecture / art / music by proposing to rethink the kiosk as an urban emblem of a celebration, and which we are organising with ArtWorks.

Participation, with a digital submission format, is open to an international scope:

· Pavilion in the Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano, starting point for the routes and activities. We maintain the traditional competition in this emblematic location of Concéntrico, as a tribute to the 9 pavilions built to date, as this will be the last edition of the competition in this location.

Deadline / 20th December 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1)

· Installation in Viña Lanciano, by the hand of Bodegas LAN, it is proposed to act next to the plot Mantible Ecológico, a vineyard of high landscape and ecological value, thanks to its peculiar location around a meander of the river Ebro. A unique enclave not only for the cultivation of vines, but also for the coexistence of a multitude of fauna and varieties of riverbank flora.

Deadline / 20 December 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1)

· Celebrating the city, we propose to celebrate the 10th edition by rethinking the model of the kiosk that inhabits our squares to provoke celebration through music and art. This competition proposes the design of an urban stage in dialogue with the Concha del Espolón.

Deadline for submission / 20 December 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1)

· The Street in 10 Years, this two-phase call allows us to deepen the founding thesis of Concéntrico: cities can be built differently.
The proposal is to rethink a central urban environment of the city with a 10-year perspective: a strategic thinking for that area to be developed within a 10-year time frame. The selected environment integrates different types of urban fabric: pedestrian street, street with various mobility models and square/park area.
The five teams selected in the first phase - with a prize of €1500 per team, plus the final winner's fee of €2500 - will have to design and plan the actions they would develop to progressively transform the public spaces of Beti Jai street / Duquesa de la Victoria street / La Glorieta park integrating in their methodology the social, physical and aesthetic sphere.


Phase 1 / Curriculum and text / 20 November 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1).
Phase 2 / Development of the competition / 1 December - 1 February 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1)

What's new in Concéntrico 10?

In addition to all the proposals from the calls for proposals, two new institutions have been added that bring us closer to two new territories: the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Office of Quebec, with which we will programme interventions by authors, thus broadening the international focus.

After the interesting results in 2023 with IES Batalla de Clavijo, IES Sagasta or CEIP Las Gaunas, a continuous line of work is established with the educational centres of La Rioja thanks to the collaboration of Planea and Fundación Carasso. This programme seeks to integrate the educational community, the centres and the social environment in a physical transformation that integrates the educational space and the neighbourhood. These actions are carried out in collaboration with the CRIE, Centro Riojano de Innovación Educativa, to promote these practices in our schools in the region.

All these novelties demonstrate how Concéntrico's commitment to the international and the local is being redoubled, integrating proposals that allow us to work on this double scale that is characteristic of the festival. The celebration of its 10th edition will end with the publication of a book in autumn 2024 that collects and analyses all the experiences accumulated since its inception in 2015.



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