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Publication date

10/2018 - 10/2020


Cities Connection Project #5 - Reactivate the city


Nicola Regusci et Xavier Bustos


This exhibition takes place within the framework of the partnership proposed to WBA by Cities Connection Project (CCP). CCP was created with the desire to establish a cultural connection between two European cities with an important architectural and cultural tradition. The cities of Zurich, Mendrisio, Geneva and Lausanne were involved in the previous editions.

Each event, called Connection, consists of an exhibition in both participating cities and offers a new theme that always takes into account the idiosyncrasies and the cultural and architectural background of the invited city or region. This edition is centered on the re-use of existing spaces, the mixed use and the reconstruction of the city.

Office and Projects

The 20 selected projects in Brussels and Wallonia:

  1. MSA/V+ – Portaels social housing - Brussels
  2. V+/Rotor - Mode and Design Center - Brussels
  3. AIUD – Préhistomuseum - Flémalle
  4. a practice. – a square - Brussels
  5. De Visscher_Coton_Lelion_Nottebaert_Vicentelli – Keramis – La Louvière
  6. Aurélie Hachez – L'Ermitage - Bruxelles
  7. Réservoir A – Urban distribution center – Charleroi 
  8. Vers A – Taqui - Brussels
  9. Mamout/LD2/Stéphanie Willocx - Charles Malis - Brussels
  10. ADN – Loft FOR - Brussels
  11. Specimen - INQ, logements – Namur
  12. Ledroit-Pierret-Polet –Jourdan – Brussels
  13. AGWA – Metal - Brussels
  14. Baukunst – Centre Adeps, La Fraineuse – Spa
  15. Multiple –Station – Herstal
  16. LRArchitectes – Primary school– Assesse
  17. OUESTAtelier Claus – Brussels
  18. Binario – Visitor center in the mill of the abbey – Villers la Ville 
  19. A229 – ITP School – Court Saint Etienne 
  20. Label – Riva Bella – Braine L'Alleud

The 20 works chosen from Spain:

  1. Escola Ressol la Remunta. L’Hospitalet (2014). Baas arquitectura
  2. Nova sala Beckett. Barcelona (2016). Flores-Prats arquitectes
  3. Centre mixte d’equipaments Vil·La Urània. Barcelona (2017). Sumo arquitectura
  4. Complex equipaments i habitatges alchemika. Barcelona (2013). Oliveras Boix arquitectes
  5. Escola els encants. Barcelona (2015). Roger Méndez_Amb
  6. Reforma i ampliació de l’ateneu popular 9 barris. Barcelona (2012). Fornari-Rojas
  7. Edifici mixte d’habitatges i allotjaments temporals. Barcelona (2018). Coll-Leclerc
  8. Galeria Carles Taché. Barcelona (2015). Jorge Vidal
  9. Escola de teatre el timbal. Barcelona (2015). Lacol
  10. Ampliació escola Sant Jordi . Vilanova I La Geltrú (2015). Aixopluc, Alex Gallego, Jordi Adell, Gerard Puig
  11. Ludoteca i cetre de recursos educatius ciutat Vella. Barcelona (2011). T9s arquitectes
  12. Espais la seca. Barcelona (2011). Meritxell Inaraja
  13. Centre comunitari el roure. Begues (2014). Calderon-Folch
  14. Centre cívic lleialtat santsenca. Barcelona (2017). H arquitectes
  15. Punt d’informació turística a les glòries (2015). Peris-Toral
  16. Centre cívic baró de viver. Barcelona (2015). Territori 24
  17. Equipaments i mercat del guinardó. Barcelona (2016). Bayona-Valero / Cantallops-Vicente
  18. Ressò_reacció_espai de trobada i regeneració. Rubí (2016). Col·lectiu de joves arquitectes etsav
  19. Carrer-plaça Marià Lavèrnia. Barcelona (2017). Bosch-Capdeferro
  20. Coberta can butjosa. Parets del Vallès (2017). Labaula


The Cities Connection Project is a connector between cities and their architecture, created by architects Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustos, with the aim of generating synergies between architects, cultural agents, governments and universities among European cities.

The fifth edition, connecting Barcelona with Wallonie-Bruxelles works with projects with the idea of reactivating the city, understanding the architecture of public facilities (cultural, educational, mixed-use, public spaces) as social cohesive devices of special importance in areas with a certain degree of urban decay. Whether it is through new builds in some cases or recovering pre-existing buildings in others, this theme attracts a great deal of attention in the two cities, given their architectural tradition in urban regeneration, creating a shared space for reflection.

This publication présents 20 project from Wallonia-Brussels and 20 projects from Barcelona.

With Augmented Reality contents in each project.

Technical information

20 panels A0 backlit x 2






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