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11/2015 - 11/2018


ENTRER : five architectures in Belgium

Paris© Vinciane Verguethen


Audrey Contesse


Maxime Delvaux, photographe et Christophe Rault, concepteur sonore


WBA presents five projects reflecting the diversity of Wallonia and Brussels' architectural output, in an original and intriguing scenography - a wandering which will lead from the window to the lounge via chambers-: territorial setting-up, scale of the project, the diversity of generations and practices, orders and typologies, so many elements of context which testify of the know-how of the architects in front of specific situations. Audrey Contesse, the curator, invites the photographer Maxime Delvaux and a sound designer Christophe Rault to give their analysis on the five projects. Two analyses under the shape of a video and a soundtrack that are not synchronized, complete a collection of objects gleaned and selected by the curator on every sites and in the offices of the architects to highlight the materiality and the relevance of the projects.

Office and Projects


The entrer: catalogue completes the exhibition. It proposes other types of analysis of the architectural projects, which are also inspired by the idea of the stroll, in the same vein as the exhibition. Five international architecture critics – Pierre Chabart, Asli Ciçek, Francesco Della Casa, Phineas Harper and Sebastian Redecke – offer their personal take on the project in a short and substantiated text. In-depth interviews between the curator and the architecture firms give insights into their positioning, approach and specific practice. Visually the projects are illustrated by five flip books that each represent a sequence of an architectural stroll through the buildings by photographer Maxime Delvaux. A particular book form that Laure Giletti and Grégory Dapra have drawn into a dialogue with the texts in a book that is a work of art in its own right. 208 pages, French and English. 20 x 27 cm

Technical information

The exhibition ‘enter:' presents five architectural projects using the same set-up: each project includes a video installation, a sound installation, a presentation of various objects and an A1 poster (the front view is a detail of the project scale1: 1, and the back presents the project and the architects). Another sound installation guides visitors through the exhibition. In Paris, to enter the exhibition, visitors had to pass through a torn screen on which a sixth video was projected.

All information about the exhibition (curatorial position, project presentations, press releases, press reviews, etc.) are available on our website www.entrer.be

The exhibition can be presented as a whole in one exhibition room, but each project can also be shown independently, distributed in a building or installed in different places in the city or a district as part of a festival, for example.

1. Dimensions

Each project requires a minimum of 30 m2.

2. Sound systems

Headphones are used to listen to the sound registered by Christophe Rault for each of the five projects (included in the exhibition material). The second sound installation is spread into the exhibition room by five speakers (included in the exhibition material).

3. Video systems

The five videos of Maxime Delvaux are either projected on walls or broadcast on television screens. The sixth was projected on a curtain (option). The TV screens are included in the exhibition material, but not the beamers.

The eight touch pad on which are broadcast different films on the history of the projects are not included in the exhibition material.

4. Presentation of the objects

Specific objects that explain the history and the specificity of each project are presented.
The cartels.
Hanging types: Drawings and photos were printed on dibond and hung on metal chair rails designed especially for the exhibition (included in the exhibition material). The objects are arranged on tables or pedestals (included in the exhibition material).

5. Presentation of posters

Poster, headphone and leaflet (containing the cartels) for each project are presented on a pedestal of 50 cm high that also creates a seat (the 5 pedestals are included in the exhibition material). The posters and leaflets are given to the visitors.

6. Lightening

Lightening must be adapted on site.

7. Shipping packaging

The total volume is about 8 m3.








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