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Carré des Arts


Carre des Arts, Cultural Infrastructure
The covering of the Carré des Arts ins Mons is a project between roof and tent, is intrinsically technological, and seems to escape the traditional field of architecture. Consequently, the project was about the definition of an attitude towards theses aspects. A common ground had to be found between structure, technique, and spatiality.

1. manutention / The first option is an "unconstructed" structure. While the roof is merely textile and has to be rebuilt each time, the only permanent structure are anchoring points on the floor and the roof edges. The Carré des Arts becomes essentially potential, as any future possibility is opened through the grid of anchors.

2. articulated structure / In the second option, is a made-to-measure one. The articulation of the textile structure itself allows to cover partially or totally the square. Permanent rails on the facades guide the mechnanisme that fold and unfold this accordeon-like roof.

3. retractable roofs / The third option is the catalogue-based one. A network of slank beams grid the sky above the roofs themselves. The defined "tiles" receive prefabricated retractable roofs, which are fully ready-made and automatised. A wide range of uses is made possible from total covering to complete opening.
Ongoing building work
Year of conception
Year of delivery
Communauté Française Wallonie Bruxelles

rue des soeurs noires, 4A
7000 Mons

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Place Sainctelette 2
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