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Housing (include mixed use)

3 housing units and a shop

Karbon' architecture et urbanisme

3 housing units (2 one bedroom at 1st and 2nd floor, 1 three bedroom at 3rd and 4th floor) with a commercial ground floor.
The building occupies a privileged location at the crossing roads Navez and Van Oost, on "place pavilion" .The faces of its white body softly slides and rotates to play with the geometry of the plot, with subtle offsets and overlapping. These offsets, followed by the geometry of the roof, provoke dynamic effects, slightly perverting the XIX° century isotropic alignment. It also allows to simply avoid the restrictive form of the plot while it intensifies the inside spacial diversity and performs a very rational floor plan.
For a similar square meter cost, this rationality not only helped to create more spacious and comfortable units, but it also helped to rationalize the structures and materials, to reduce the cost of profound excavations and underpinning works.
This subtle integration of spacial quality and structural rationality is our way to deal with the sustainable development: an architecture with reflective practices. Thus, (low) technologies (healthy materials, thermal solar panels, maximal insulation…) combine themselves with spacial organization, floor plan layout and the design (natural lightning, sun light optimization, bicycle park to facilitate soft mobility)
Year of conception
Year of delivery
Commune de Schaerbeek, place Colignon, 1030 Schaerbeek

rue Van Oost 2a
1030 Bruxelles

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Karbon' architecture et urbanisme




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