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Housing (include mixed use)

Angleterre - Hollande

Vanden Eeckhoudt - Creyf architectes

The project is located on a crossing plot from Rue d'Angleterre to Rue de Hollande. The complex is divided into three successive parts which differ by their architectural style. A neoclassical building is composed of 9 apartments on Rue d'Angleterre, while an industrial concrete construction is composed of 6 apartments on Rue de Hollande. These two complexes are connected by a collective garden in the center of the block, on which there are a collective room and an atelier.

The project was mainly developed following 3 objectives: open up the building complex, exploit the constructive potential which is born from the differents size of the neighboring buildings, preserve the architectural heritage and integrate it into a new harmonious project.

These objectives led us to demolish many constructions to create a large collective garden in the center of the block. A common room is set up next to the garden to enhance the desire to create social link. The garden is shaped like a promenade thanks to many paths and little gardens. These-ones offer many differents perspectives on the complex and highlight the crossing plot. Although each apartment has a private outdoor space, the project try to promote the use of common spaces and don’t generate any shyness in using them. The three parts of the complex are raised in a clear architectural language that identifies the contemporary intervention while unifying the whole. This identification is possible thanks to materials of the new roofs and facades.
Year of conception
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Copropriété Angleterre - Hollande (achat collectif)

rue d'Angleterre 53-55 / rue de Hollande 58-60
1060 Bruxelles

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Vanden Eeckhoudt - Creyf architectes




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