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Housing (include mixed use)

VM Houses and Mountain Dwellings

JDS Architects Julien De Smedt

Housing, parking
Located in Copenhagen’s newest and largest growing city quarter, the VM House helped to pioneer the development of new residential developments within the area. Integrated into Copenhagen’s Metro, the VM House offers direct access to the heart of Copenhagen and the openness of a suburban landscape.
The manipulated perimeter block of the VM House is clearly defined in its four corners, but opened internally and along the sides. The vis-a-vis with neighbouring units is eliminated by pushing the slab in its center, ensuring diagonal views to the surrounding open fields.

MTN is the second version of the VM project. How do you combine the splendors of the suburban backyard with the social intensity of urban density? When commissioned to design a traditional housing block and a separate parking house, we proposed the combination of the two programs; 1/3 living and 2/3 parking. The parking area wants to be connected to the street, and the residences want sunlight, fresh air and views, so by combining the two programs, all apartments can have a sun filled roof garden, amazing views and parking on the same level as the apartment. The Mountain appears as a suburban neighborhood of garden homes floating over a 10-story building, offering the best of two worlds: close proximity to the hectic life of the city and the tranquil characteristics of a suburban life.
Year of conception
Year of delivery
Høpfner A/S, Dansk Olie Kompagni A/S

Ørestads Boulevard 55
2300 Copenhague

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JDS Architects Julien De Smedt




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