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Private houses


ORG for Permanent Modernity

Renovation of a family house
The unused extension of a free standing house from the '50s is transformed into a light living room open on the garden. A first renovation had the house restructured around a central core, including the staircase, shelves and techniques. This second intervention completely opens the core on its fourth side. The floor of the extension is partly lowered to the garden level. A small covered space and a large terrace project the kitchen towards the garden in order to be able to sit in the sun in spite of the disadvantageous orientation of the plot.

The desire to fully open the rear façade whilst respecting the city imposition to lower the eaves of 50cm, called for an inventive structural proposal for the new roof. Thin steel beams of varying height are lasercut and welded together to form a rigid ensemble. The result is a coffered ceiling with very thin edges. The height of the beams is only 6cm over the limited-height spaces and increases according to the structural constraints creating a free form above the lowered living space.
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3000 Louvain

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ORG for Permanent Modernity




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