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Extension of private house
The Belgian territory is full of houses stemming from the industrialization of housing. These pavilion type homes remain the most widely produced and desired type, making affordable the "ideal life" of a house with a garage and a garden that many Belgian citizens dream of. The flipside of the standardization of these houses is a reduction in quality, both in terms of both space and integration to the urban landscape.

This particular house had become too small for its owner who wished to expand his living space. Thus the request was limited to one extra room. Our response draws inspiration from the existing house in order to create contrast: an inverted roof in opposition with the existing traditional roof, less ordinary window framing for specific views on the oustide environment, a wooden structure rather than the older masonry. In the end, this extension creates a dialogue between old and new trhough opposition: a wooden cabin grafted onto the home, a traditional construction attached to the very image of standardized habitat.
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