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Private houses

Christ House

Architecture Nélis Delincé

Individual house
Located in the heart of Liege and almost in the countryside, a new house is created instead of an old one labelled as unsafe.
The site is characterized by a set of mining houses that need a new impulse because it offers an extremely contemporary living background.
The project complies with the size and functional principle of dwellings around it .
The floor space is reduced (45M2), but the idea is to "have it all like a big " ... home.
Work on the verticality of spaces and contacts between the different levels provides stunning interior views and the opportunity to bathe the house in sunlight despite the context and its three facades.
A search on "urban" materials and colors in relation to the structural principle (framework) offers to the volume a skin made of stone slates and rolled steel sheets
Year of conception
Year of delivery

Rue du Thier à Liège 165
4000 Liège

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Architecture Nélis Delincé




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