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Private houses


Waow collectif d'enthousiastes

Transformation of a 1950s villa into a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom house for a shared residence or a large family.
We were approached to 'refresh' the house, which had remained in its original setting, and to make the most of the living and sleeping areas by converting the attic space.
Given the footprint of the existing building and its foundations, we tried to rationalise the interior spaces as much as possible.
The core of the intervention is the transformation and rationalisation of the vertical circulation and the opening up of the living rooms on the ground floor through an effort of stability.
The total habitable volume is increased thanks to the addition of 2 volumes built on the traces of the existing foundations and facade walls. The house goes from a 3 bedroom / 1 bathroom, to a 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom house, and takes advantage of the 3 orientations. The new volumes are materialized by a pre-grained wood cladding with relief, whose edges and bands between floors are materialized by a white metal writing. The existing floors have been completed and restored in the spirit of the 1950s house, and the new facade design has been studied with a sense of structural economy.
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Coteau d'Anjou 19
1150 Bruxelles

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