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01/07 - 03/09/2023


La vie en kit in Poland

 La vie en kit in Poland
La vie en kit in Poland
The film La vie en Kit by Elodie Degavre has been selected for the On Art Film Festival in Lodz, Poland from July 1 to September 3.

"La vie en kit/Life, assembled tells the story of how four architects in the 1970s thought about the houses of the future, creating eclectic projects using the concept of "kit homes" in the cities of Brussels, Charleroi and Liège, with the aim of putting dwellers and their needs at the centre of the construction process. I the film, Elodie Degavre strikes up a lively conversation with four committed designers whose way of understanding architecture has gained relevance today. This selection for the On Art Film Festival in Lodz represents an important recognition of Degavre's work and her innovative exploration of contemporary challenges for housing."



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