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08/02 - 15/03/2020


Accattone: Exhibition at the Villa Noailles - Hyères

Accattone: Exhibition at the Villa Noailles - Hyères
Accattone: Exhibition at the Villa Noailles - Hyères © ACCATTONE

The architecture exhibition "Houses for Superstars, Hypermediated architecture" will be held at the Villa Noailles, Hyères (France) from 8 February to 15 March 2020. It consists, for six French-speaking teams of emerging architects, of choosing a "superstar" and designing a villa for her in the form of a model or an installation.

The Accattone team was invited to participate directly by the Villa's General Manager, Jean-Pierre Blanc. Benjamin Lafore & Sébastien Martinez-Barat with Audrey Teichmann are the curators of the exhibition.

The proposal of Accattone is to dedicate to the tutelary figure of Greta Thunberg, media star of the climate emergency, a territorial, post-sedentary 'villa' that confronts the changing climate regime through the human, plant and animal migrations it entails. 

The research in progress is recorded in a recto/verso poster containing an atlas of images and extended captions that broaden the subject matter beyond the immediacy of the large model.


A project by Accattone magazine (Ismaël Bennani, Sophie Dars, Orfée Grandhomme, Carlo Menon, Galaad Van Daele) in collaboration with Alice Nouvet, Alice Paris, Camille Pons and Plant & Houtgoed (Jeroen Deseyn, Nicolas Vandenplas).



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