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Aurélie Hachez: Lecture in Los Angeles

Aurélie Hachez: Lecture in Los Angeles
Aurélie Hachez: Lecture in Los Angeles

Aurélie Hachez, from the Brussels-based office AHA, is invited to give a lecture at the SCI-ARC school in Los Angeles. Entitled The way we look at things, it will take place on November 7th 2018 at 7:00pm.

The search for inspiration deep into a spatial or social context aptly describes AHA's practice. Projects feed from a site-sensitive approach that leads the thought process to take advantage of different contexts. The lecture will show how curiosity and admiration for everyday life situations and ordinary spaces as domestic environments may in fact present qualitative opportunities when designing a project. How can we create a link between these multiple feelings, sensations and space experiments on the one hand and our imagination and designs on the other? This lecture will be illustrated by images showing the references influencing AHA's work and how they are integrated in the design processes of ongoing or completed projects.



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