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BAUKUNST: nominated for the European Prize for Public Space

Structure and Gardens, Brussels, 2010-2015
Structure and Gardens, Brussels, 2010-2015 © Maxime Delvaux

The project Structure and Gardens designed by BAUKUNST has been awarded by an international jury in the frame of the European Public Space Prize, edition 2016.

Selected among more of 275 projects from 33 different countries, "Structure and Gardens" is the first Belgian project to be nominated since the Prize has been created in 2000. 

“This completely new, radical approach of rigorous, substantial architecture in a fractious society, is highly suggestive as a model for other communities. The structure gives increased density to this formerly neglected area in a typical European housing estate by means of a specific form, an enclosure without walls and a sheltering canopy.

It represents opportunity rather than exclusion in this open/closed space between public and private domains, and seeks to find a sense of balance and integration. Therather monumental structure, which is robust to maintain in this poor neighbourhood, is not use-specific, and there is a clear absence of prescription. With its strong presence, the building symbolises resistance, while the combination of its solidity and openness suggest a positive potential for giving people a voice and coming together.”



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