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23/08/18 - 22/10/18


BAUKUNST & MSA/V+: Exhibition Mies van der Rohe Award 2017 - Vienna

MSA - 5 social units
MSA - 5 social units© Serge Brison
The EU Mies Award 2017 exhibition is travelling across Europe. After being in Barcelona, Brussels, Heerlen, Warsaw and Bratislava, it reaches a new venue on its itinerancy in Vienna at the Architekturzentrum Wien.

Videos, images and models of theWinning project, DeFlat Kleiburg in Amsterdam, by NL architects and XVW Architectuur and the Emerging Architect Winner, the Navez Social Housing Complex in Schaerbeek, designed by the French-speaking Belgian architects from MSA, in temporary association with V+, as part of the redevelopment contract (“Contrat de quartier”) for the Navez-Portaels district in Brussels. The structural engineering study of the project has been realizedby Ney & Partners.

The finalists Kannikegården, Ely Court, The Rivesaltes Memorial Museum, Katyn Museumand and the 40 shortlisted are also presented. Among them, the ADEPS Sports Centre, Multipurpose Infrastructure, in Spa, designed by Baukunst.



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