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Bento, Brussels versus Encore Heureux, Paris

Bento, Brussels versus Encore Heureux, Paris
Bento, Brussels versus Encore Heureux, Paris

On 23 November 2023 at 7pm, the Cité de l'Architecture in Paris will host a meeting between the Brussels office Bento and the French office Encore Heureux as part of the Duos et Débats programme.

The idea is for two teams of architects, one practising in France and the other in a European country, to go head-to-head. The confrontation takes the form of an "installation" specially designed for the venue, on a "piece of furniture" in the shape of a half-pipe, with each team freely presenting a question.

Two large screens take over with a twenty-minute film, an original document summarising the approach taken by the two teams. The real confrontation takes place at the opening of each season, during the public debate between the two teams: a discussion led by a guest critic.

Inaugural evening debate : Registration

With Corentin Dalon, Florian Mahieu and Charles Palliez, Bento versus Nicola Delon, Sébastien Eymard, Sonia Vu, Encore Heureux

Moderator: Océane Ragoucy

The exhibition runs until 12 April 2024.



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