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Créative Architecture: project in Morocco

The purpose of this project led by Créative Architecture is the construction of 10 holiday villas of 100 to 150 m², a guest house with shared areas, 2 apartments above and 4 suites of 60 m² each.

These housings are dedicated to tourism.

The Contracting Authority's objective is to create a fully autonomous energy complex. The buildings are designed following the highest Belgian standards of insulation, in order to reach values close to the passive. His idea is to be able to transfer our regions' concepts of insulation to confront them to totally different climates. Being isolated from the cold under our latitudes will easily allow to be isolated from the heat of Morocco, with just a few specific modifications.

This project is currently being studied, in close cooperation with the company XELLA that will provide its most efficient blocks (40 cm of thickness), the company ACCUBEL specialized in heating, and the company ENERSOL for everything surrounding the photovoltaic production and the storage in batteries of the electricity produced.

We believe it is wise to combine the Northern countries' know-how regarding energy performances with the Southern countries' extraordinary resources in energy to create a unique ZERO ENERGY neighbourhood.

Our design is being studied to reach the international certification BREEAM.

Moroccan governing bodies are interested in this project and wish to present it as part of the next conference COP22 that will take place in Morocco in November 2016.



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