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10/22/2011 - 11/22/2011

Exhibition at Tsinghua: Belgian architecture and arts in China

Exhibition: "Belgian architecture and arts in China"

2011 commemorates 40 years of friendship between Belgium and China.

This exhibition "Belgian Architecture and Arts in China" aims to bridge the two countries through the collaboration, works and researches of belgian and chinese professionals, artists and students. This year is also an opportunity for two universities, University of Liege and TsinghuaUniversity, to strengthen their relationship and present the work of their students.

Belgian people are active in China but rarely gathered in one space, and this event shows us the technical skills, the creativity and the know how Belgian people are happy to share in their projects in China.

Sustainability is a subject of great importance for our common future, unfortunately often misunderstood. But the projects presented will show a path to a deeper understanding of the philosophy, through the different fields of the exhibition: urban planning, heritage protection, landscape design, architecture, culture, energy saving, technologies, arts, etc. These projects are talking about people and their intercultural cooperation.

Let's remember a Belgian motto: Unity makes strength!

The exhibition realised with the help of WBI will take place from 22th of October to 22th of November at the Architecture Design and Research insititue of Tsinghua University (on the East campus, entrance from the main south gate).

It is organised in the occasion of the Economic mission princière organised in China by Belgium. the launch will be organised in the presence of SAR the Princess Mathilde at 14:30.

Contact : Nicolas Godelet, Architect, Gejian.

Architects, artists and institutions presented:

Green art int'l development limited
ATOL architects
Samyn architects
Gille Delhaye
Gejianzhu Architects and Engineers
Li Yi
Pieter De Maeyer
ENAME CENTER for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation
Liao Dan
Felix Roulin 
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