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09/04 - 31/05/2022

Jean-François Pirson à travers champs - Dunkerque

The publication of the book Jean-François Pirson. Pratiques de territoire - Marches et workshops, (collection "Fenêtre sur", vol. 3) was coupled with several walks and workshops in 2020 and 2021. After the workshop "Mouvements et traces" organized by the Province of Namur this summer, the artist-pedagogue continued in September the exploration of the Namur region with a walk that ended with an exchange at the Delta. In October, he walked along the route of the river La Trouille with students from the Faculty of Architecture of the UMONS.

He also continued his collaboration with the network he has built in Northern France. In September, a three-day workshop was held at the ESA in Dunkirk and in October, the geographer Richard Pereira de Moura invited him to survey the Audomarois region with him and to discuss their respective practices of the territory. 

From April 9 to May 31, La Plateforme, Laboratoire d'art contemporain in Dunkirk, will dedicate an exhibition to him.



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