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Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Marseille - 184 av. de Luminy
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Lecture by Jean-François Pirson at ENSAV Marseille

Lecture by Jean-François Pirson at ENSAV Marseille
Lecture by Jean-François Pirson at ENSAV Marseille
"After more than thirty years of teaching, interweaving concepts of space, body, movement, societies, objects, pathways, etc., what he has distilled as empirical knowledge in his books, conferences and workshops is simply the freedom – or the need? – to review the elementary principles of architecture, to convey to us a definition that is as inclusive as possible: giving forms to space in response to the concern – or need? or desire? – to inhabit it…." Denis Gielen
The architecture cell of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation launched a ‘Fenêtre sur’ collection with Jean-François Pirson : Pédagogies de l'espaces - Workshops.
An artist and teacher, honorary professor at the Higher Institute of Architecture Lambert Lombard (Liege), Jean François Pirson expresses his relationship with space through an array of artistic and educational practices: drawings, photography, installations, texts, walks and workshops.
Focusing on space, his teaching work explores phenomenological, anthropological and artistic fields. It addresses in particular the space of the body, how we inhabit a space, “outside” spaces, perception and the creative attitude. He has a predilection for working at the crossroads of disciplines, practices and philosophies.



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