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11 - 18/10/2022


Let's meet Yves Weinand in Paris

Let's meet Yves Weinand in Paris
Let's meet Yves Weinand in Paris

City, architecture and landscape in the cinema, from 11 to 18 October 2022. The Close Up Festival is coming to Paris and the Ile-de-France. It is an unmissable event for all lovers of the seventh art and the urban world!

A Belgian film in cinemas: Let's meet Yves Weinand - Mister Emma

The Close-Up festival is part of an exploratory, educational, fun and civic approach. Close-Up is a territorial project (Paris and the Île-de-France) and one that opens up to the world (international selection). It aims to bring together the viewpoints of filmmakers, city stakeholders and the public to improve urban education, increase architectural awareness and ask questions about our own urban future.

The programme is demanding and concerned with diversity and shared pleasure. It is structured around themed focuses, special screenings, previews and the presence of a number of guests from the world of cinema and the city to accompany the films and share them with as many people as possible.



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