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07/06 - 23/11/14


Maxime Delvaux: photos at the Korean Pavillion - Venice Biennale 2014

The Belgian photographer Maxime Delvaux is part of the exhibitors of the Korean Pavilion inspired by "Crow's Eye View", a poem by the Korean architect-turned-poet Yi Sang (1910 -1937).
In the Pavillion, the architecture of North and South Korea is presented as an agent - a mechanism for generating alternative narratives that are capable of perceiving both the everyday and the monumental in new ways. He will present a dozen of pictures he took in North Korea.
In contrast to the singular and universalizing perspective bird’s eye view, the crow’s eye view points to the impossibility of a cohesive grasp of not only the architecture of a divided Korea but the idea of architecture itself. Like uncharted patches of an irregular globe, a diverse range of work produced by architects, urbanists, poets and writers, artists, photographers and film-makers, curators and collectors forms a multiple set of research programmes, entry nodes, and points of view. They call attention to the urban and architectural phenomena of the planned and the informal, individual and collective, the heroic and the everyday. Intertwined yet in opposition, spilling over to each other, they reveal the way that a wide range of architectural interventions have reflected and shaped the life of the Korean Peninsula. The Korean Pavilion reveals the Korean Peninsula as both symptom and agent, both archetype and anomaly of the tumultuous global trajectory of the past 100 years.
This pavilion received the Golden Lion which goes for the best national participation.



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