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Automn of 2013


Rotor + Criticat selected as curatorial team for OAT 2013

 ‘Really sustainable'
Oslo Architecture Triennial (OAT) 2013 hired a curatorial team for next year's festival.
The call for proposals earlier this year resulted in 22 applications from around the world. The Jury finally decided on the curatorial team Rotor and Criticat, and their proposed working title ‘Really sustainable'.
Rotor, group of Brussels' based architects, develops the statement:
"For the next edition of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, we propose a thorough investigation of the complex moral framework that results from decades of environmental awareness in the context of architecture and design, and how this translates into rhetoric, visual languages and sets of architectural demeanors. We insist that the usage of the term 'sustainable' cannot be based on calculus only, as is common in discourse today, and want to point out the continued need for political and moral debate for this notion to make sense.
With the ironical working title 'Really sustainable' we do not aim to synthesize a manual for a sustainable society, nor are we looking for a holy grail. In stead, our ambition for OAT is to create a space where doubt is possible, and to bring nuance and complexity in a field dominated by slogans."



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