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Traumnovelle: Ljubljana, London and Graz

Traumnovelle: Ljubljana, London and Graz
Traumnovelle: Ljubljana, London and Graz© Camille Cooken

Eurotopie exhibition, which represented Belgium at the last Venice Biennale of Architecture, is one of 21 ideas selected in 2019 by the Future Architecture Platform, based on 357 applications. Future Architecture is the first European platform of museums and architecture festivals, bringing together the general public with ideas on the future of cities and architecture.

Eurotopie's curators have been invited to present their project at the Creative Exchange 2019, from 13 to 15 February, at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana

In the coming months, they will have an exhibition in London with leading names in European architecture, and another in Graz in September. Stay tuned!



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