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Barbara Dits

"A "social worker", sometimes assistant, sometimes facilitator or educator, for several years Barbara Dits has been moving between the social sector and artistic affinities (music, visual arts, performing arts), building many bridges between the two. But she has also built and developed, over the years, a photographic approach in which traces of human activity, industrial sediments, and signs of recognition of the built and the constructed, occupy a predominant place. This has earned her, over the last fifteen years, as many nominations for prizes as collaborations in participatory workshops in Picardy Wallonia or in exhibitions, thematic or not. ... Refining or confirming the rigour of her work and her gaze; but also affirming, behind the obvious distancing, the taste for empty spaces and the apparent neutrality of the "façade", a very particular and silent attention to the nuance of forms, the emphasis on rhythms, and the singular vibration of architecture and public facilities. Or to put it another way: "to a particular culture, close but meticulously and impartially observed"
Emmanuel d'Autreppe.

rue de Rosières 87
7532 Tournai

Tél : 0473/22.96.55






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