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Jean-François Flamey

Jean-François Flamey, ° 1972, Namur.
Digital, analog and Polaroid photography.
Plastic arts. Sound creation.

In terms of photography, Jean-François Flamey is busy on two fronts, one being not without impact on the other.

On the one hand, his profession of communicator and storyteller under the dual status of employee and freelance, requires him to have recourse to a photograph which informs, which documents or which supports an identity communication and / or narrative.

On the other hand, in an author's approach, he combines the ability brought by the image to convey an imaginary narrative with that to convey a very real narrative. Establishing a dialogue between these two types of stories, his avowed goal is to get the viewer to create his own stories from his own imagination. He readily quotes the mathematician and moralist Blaise Pascal (17th century) when he said: "Imagination decides everything".

Constantly questioning the world around him, many of his images reflect this, as evidenced by this selection.

Jean-François Flamey is a co-founding member of the collective / platform Aspëkt.

Rue Henri Blès
5000 Namur






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