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ZOOO is a company producing virtual images and 3D animations for architects. We are dedicated to help you in the modeling, visualization, conception, and illustration or the commercialization of your projects in the most attractive and convincing way for your clients.

From the modeling of a small object to the presentation in 3d animation of an entire area of a city, to the animation of people, robots and industrial machinery, we handle projects of all kinds and sizes.

Virtual images and 3d animations, virtual visits, interactive supports available on a wide range of traditional or digital supports from paper prints to DVDs to the Web are so many productions we can realize for you.

Our mission: to tell your projects to your customers.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team and state of the art technologies, we help you develop, expose and communicate your ideas in an optimal manner and valorize your projects.

Our objective: to provide in a timely manner a unique and personalized answer to your request.

Creativity, efficiency and commitment are essential qualities to best satisfy your needs. We provide a personalized service and each project is approached in a unique manner. To this end, we define with you the technologies, the graphic style and the support most adapted to the valorization of your project.

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14, rue de la Borne
1080 Bruxelles

Tél : +32 2 415 93 89






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Place Sainctelette 2
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