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Cellule Architecture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

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(Un)City – (Un)Real State of the (Un)Known

This publication of WBA's exhibition curated by Cédric Libert is presented during the Biennial of Design at Istanbul Modern from 13th of October to 12th of December 2012.
(Un)City – (Un)Real State of the (Un)Known lays down the city as a subject of thought and talk. Addressing through its constituting multiple realities, the city is perceived as heritage as well as project-in-becoming, envisaged by superposition, interweaving and sedimentation of singular layers.
A large model (4m x 4m) gathers 100 Projects for Brussels. As a proposal between fact and fiction, it assembles a collection of emblematic buildings and urban situations found in the city of Brussels. Shaped as an imaginary territory, it brings together past, present and prospective projects: the Brussel's Palace of Justice, the Cinquantenaire Monument, Victor Horta's Maison du Peuple, le Pavillon du Bonheur designed by architects V+, The National Theatre, an utopian project of Luc Deleu and Glaverbel headquarter in La Hulpe, among others.
Reconfiguring differently all these projects on the model and in the book implies a double fold new approach of the so-called urban reality: on the one hand, it is about carefully recognizing the void between the architectural objects – a space between volumes – while on the other hand exploring the idea that each one of us as individual establishes its own experience of the city – a personal and unique cartography, if not an intimate mythology.
Discover an abstract in Posts.
Contact publisher: Architecture unit of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, +32 (0)2 413 26 05, email.



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