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Under the supervision of
Sébastien Charlier (GAR Archives d'Architecture) et Thomas Moor (Cellule architecture)


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Architecture Guide Louvain-La-Neuve & Walloon Brabant

Architecture Guide Louvain-La-Neuve & Walloon Brabant
Architecture Guide Louvain-La-Neuve & Walloon Brabant

The seventh and final volume in the collection, the Guide d'architecture moderne et contemporaine Louvain-La-Neuve & Brabant wallon (Architecture Guide Louvain-La-Neuve & Walloon Brabant), was published on 30 May 2024.

The 400-page volume includes341 project descriptions, identified and located on maps in25 towns and cities,written byover50 authors and illustrated with over600photographsand400 archive documents, contributing to the rediscovery of20th-century buildingsby, among others, AndréJacqmain, Jean Cosse, Yves Lepère, Lucien and Simone Kroll, Simone Guillissen-Hoa, Roger Bastin, Charles Vandenhove, Jean-Pierre Blondel, Odette Filippone, Lucien-Jacques Baucher and others, Pierre Coussement, Robert Courtois, Henri Montois, Pierre Corbisier, Constantin Brodzki, Claude Goelhen, Baudouin Libbrecht, Axel Ghyssaert, Marcel Breuer, Jean Godart, Jean-Marie Huberty, André Paduart, Jacques Gillet, Lucien Engels,Victor Bourgeois, Pierre Puttemans, Claude Strebelle, Paul Caulier, Marcel Lambrichs, Pierre Pinsard, Jean Potvin, Charles Jeandrain,Jean-Marie Ellenberger, Jean Vancoppenolle, Alexis Dumont, Paul Hamesse, Maurice Haeck, Yvan Renchon, Henry Lacoste, Christophe Gevers...

The Guide puts a spotlight onWalloon Brabant and Louvain-La-Neuve in particular. The book consists of several chapters: perspectives on the region (byGuillaume Vanneste, as well as chapter introductions byPierre LaconteandBénédicte Dawance) and on the adventure of building the new town (by Bertrand Terlinden) and15architect biographies– followed bya bibliography and indexes of architects, artists and locations.

This collection of guides, which provides cultural as well as tourism tools, is aninitiative of the Architecture Unit of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation,with the support of the Walloon Heritage Agency, with the aim of documenting and making accessible to as many people as possible the little-known history of 20th century architecture in Wallonia, a collection managedbySébastien Charlier (GAR Archives d'Architecture) and Thomas Moor (Architecture Unit). Each volume has been produced in partnership with a French-speaking Belgian university, inthis case theFaculty of Architecture,Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning, LOCI, at UCLouvain.

The fruit of five years' work, the book waspubliclypresented by its two scientific directors, Géraldine Durieux and David Vanderburgh, and photographer Maud Faivre, and introduced by Thomas Moor, co-director of the collection.

TheDavid Cauwestudio took care of the graphic design (withLaurent Danloy), based on a graphic framework designed withDaniela Corradini(Double page). Editorial support was provided byLaurence Waterkeyn([nor] production) and proofreading byChristelle Legros(La Plume alerte !), while the printing was handled bySnelGrafics.



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