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Koen Van Synghel - Jolien Naeyaert

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As a theatre: stedenbouw & V+ As a Theatre

As a theatre: stedenbouw & V+ As a Theatre
As a theatre: stedenbouw & V+ As a Theatre
TRANS architectuur / stedenbouw is a Ghent (BE) based practice established in 2011 by Bram Aerts and Carolien Pasmans bringing together a group of talented and highly motivated architects and urban planners. In a short period of time, the office has built up a strong reputation at the forefront of a much-acclaimed generation of Flemish design practices. Bram Aerts and Carolien Pasmans are committed educators at the KU Leuven, the University of Antwerp and at the Rotterdamse Academie voor Bouwkunst.

This publication describes the process and realisation of the Leietheater Deinze from 2012-2019. TRANS and V+ proposed an alternative site to the client during the competition phase. This move creates a large park that extends as far as the river De Leie. In addition, the theatre was placed on important sight axes and was thus made present in the city. The Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek, which had drifted into the open space of the old Leiearm, is framed and is once again the cultural heart of Deinze.



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