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Format: 21 x 15 cm

Under the supervision of
Virginie Pigeon

Cellule architecture - ICA-WB (Institut Culturel d'Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles)

Graphic design

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Atlas of stories of an inhabited territory: Walcourt

Atlas of stories of an inhabited territory: Walcourt
Atlas of stories of an inhabited territory: Walcourt

Produced at the initiative of the ICA-WB, this collection of ten thematic maps - which is available in all good bookshops - was produced by the architect and landscape designer Virginie Pigeon in collaboration with inhabitants and the Cultural Centre of Walcourt.

It reflects series of relationships to the territory, with their complexity, their reasons and their paradoxes, and proposes various walking routes - and encourages everyone to grasp, through experience, the full extent of these landscapes and the questions they pose about the way we inhabit the world together. The themes are illustrated to support thoughts of attachment: cohabitations, production, entrenchment, exploitation, sharing...

The experience is built around a long field investigation that involved encountering the landscape of Walcourt through the eyes of its inhabitants, reinterpreting it through old and contemporary cartographic and bibliographic material, discovering it and experiencing it by crossing it in every direction. It was born of the conviction that it is from what is close and intimate to us in our living spaces that we can feel involved, animated and engaged in the political issues of living together.



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