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Languages: FR
Pages: 224
Format: 15 x 22,5

Under the supervision of
Pauline de La Boulaye et Adrien Grimmeau

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Benoit Moritz Nicolas Hemeleers Olivier Bastin Tiffany Hernalesteen Laurent Courtens Gilles Debrun Septembre Tiberghien Cécile Vandernoot Arnaud Théval Julien Celdran Jerome Giller L'Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine Edwin Yves Andre Adrien Grimmeau

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Being Urban

Being Urban
Being Urban

The book is a polyphonic essay that echoes the experience Being Urban, laboratoire pour l’art dans la ville, which gathered, in Brussels in May and June of 2015, artists and actors of the city, as well as inhabitants, around a shared concern: the place of human being in our urban future.

The work traces the evolution of urbanism and public art in Brussels since 2000, highlights recent projects concerned about the collective urban future and gives tools for the renewed art in the city.

The objective of this work is to reflect on the place of artistic interventions in public space.



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