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Prisme Editions

Nicolas GILSOUL, Pierre LOZE

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Belgium New Architecture

Belgium New Architecture
Belgium New Architecture

Belgium New Architecture is the fifth edition in a series of books that take an closer look at some realisations choosen by Prisme Editions in contemporary archi­tecture.

By way of an introduction, author Pierre Loze pays hommage to architect Joël Claisse, who was the originator of this collection.

Architect Nicolas Gilsoul brings up the following question: "By 2050, we will have a population of 9 billion people. How many of them will be forced to entertain only dreams of nature? Whereas some cities such as Nantes, Lyon or New York have taken on the challenge of enhancing their respective urban environments with a quality network of urban spaces that bring people together, which road will the European capital choose to go down?"

These architectural designs that explore the possibilities offered by the natural environments in which they have been built are food for though: the constructions that are reviewed were designed by Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, Dominique Perrault, OMA, Weiss/Manfredi, Antoine Gumbach et Associés, Vincent Callebaut, Jacques Ferrier, Agence Ter & François Leclercq, james corner field operations, With Diller Scofi dio / Renfro, Nicolas Gilsoul & Valentine Arreguy.

And especially: 61 recently built Belgian architectural designs waiting to be discovered.



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