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Language: FR
Pages: 188
Format: 20 x 25

Under the supervision of
Judith le Maire - Axel Fisher

Editions Mardaga - Faculté d'Architecture de l'ULB

Sarah Avni, Vincent Brunetta, ictor Brunfaut, Pierre Chabard, Maurizio Cohen, Jean-François Côté, Stéphane Dawans, Anne Debarre, Denis Derycke, Isabelle Doucet, Michaël Ghyoot, Thomas Guilleux, Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts, Giulietta Laki, Michel Lefèvre, Pauline Lefebvre, David Lo Buglio, Julie Neuwels, Typhaine Moogin, David Scheer, Graziella Vella, Jodelle Zetlaoui-Léger.

Graphic design
Boy Vereecken - Antoine Begon

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CLARA n°3 - Architecture/Research

The third issue of CLARA Architecture/Recherche explores the relations between Architecture and the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Crossing perspectives offers the opportunity to question the discipline of architecture and its methods which, as all transversal disciplines, borrows from other sciences, different schools of tought, multiple scholarly and professional cultures.

The thematic section Thinking the encounters between Architecture and Humanitiesis animated by different scenes where scholars meet methods adapted from Sociology, Cultural history, Real Estate, Anthropology, Philosophy.

In this issue, CLARA dwells upon the twentieth anniversary of ALICE - Laboratoire d'informatique pour la conception et l'image en architecture (Computing lab for conception and imagery in architecture): twenty years of research dedicated to issues of architectural representation through the digital tool.

An account from the Archives unearths some of Jacques Dupuis' unrealized designs, at thirty(-one) years from his passing, and at one hundred (and one) years from his birth. Finally, CLARA pays a tribute to André Jacqmain by publishing his last interview with students from the ULB's Faculty of Architecture.

The yearly journal of the CLARA - Centre des Laboratoires Associés pour la Recherche en Architecture (Associated Laboratories Centre for Architectural Research) offers a forum for research addressing the debate in architecture in relation to present-day societal issues. Thematic sections, miscellaneous papers, and accounts of the ULB's Archives d'architecture all together delineate such questions in time and space.

This third issue of the journal was granted financial support from the Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS.
ISSN : 2295-3671



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