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Under the supervision of
César Reyes Nájera


Xavier Bustos, Nicola Regusci Nathalie Brison Audrey Contesse

Graphic design
Claudia Mainardi with dpr-barcelona

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Cities Connection Project - Shared living spaces

Cities Connection Project - Shared living spaces
Cities Connection Project - Shared living spaces

Shared Living Spaces is the theme chosen for the CCP sixth edition, with a fresh format: a connection between three partners: Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Basel and Barcelona. The sharing of spaces and activities, as well as the diversity of programs are the common points of the projects illustrated in this catalogue. In our view what is truly important are the different approaches and processes tried out by architects from different cities or countries while working in highly heterogeneous contexts. Two years hence, this theme has acquired an unexpected importance in the context of the global health crisis: the pandemic appears to have changed our way of communicating and relating to each other as well as our work system. These shared living spaces are now more than ever indispensable places, places that even the pandemic restrictions, still invite exchanges among users.For each of the three cities participating in the CCP06 connection, it will be produced a specific catalogue, presented as a single book.

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