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280 pages
245 x 165 cm

Under the supervision of
Jean-Didier Bergilez

Editions CIVA – Faculté d'Architecture de l'ULB

Jean-Didier Bergilez, Antoine Boute, Sophie Dars et Carlo Menon, Maarten Delbeke, Antoine Devaux, Pauline Fockedey, Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts, Éva Le Roi, Marcel Leroy, Pablo Lhoas, Félix Mulle, Sara Noel Costa de Araujo, Sebastian Redecke, Christine Roels et Marie Vanhamme.

Graphic design
Studio Luc Derycke

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Dithyrambs. [Re]nouveaux Plaisirs d'Architecture #3

Dithyrambs. [Re]nouveaux Plaisirs d'Architecture #3
Dithyrambs. [Re]nouveaux Plaisirs d'Architecture #3
A choral work, a catalogue “supplemented” by the eponymous exhibition, Dithyrambs. [Re]Nouveaux Plaisirs d'Architecture #3 compiles, explores and discusses the production of nine up-and-coming architects working in French-speaking Belgium. Inventive, heteroclite, passionate, militant, these architectural practices are illustrated in the form of documents and notes for an exhibition, interviews, original graphic and scenographic contributions, texts by architects, critics, historians, teachers and project managers...

A precocious podium for an inventive architecture, these dithyrambs that enthusiastically sing the praises of these young architectures also, by their very definition, recognise their potential acquaintance with excess. After all, the architecture presented in this document is that which will, without a doubt, be the architecture of tomorrow. Or maybe not.
After presenting “12 figures of the emerging architecture of the French-speaking Community Wallonia Brussels” (including V+, Ledroit Pierret Polet, or MSA) (R.N.P.A.#1 - 2005), after “Playing with the Rules” around the production of 6 up-and-coming architecture firms (including AgwA, Baukunst – Adrien Verschuere or Nicolas Firket Architects) (R.N.P.A#2 - 2007), this third edition of [Re]Nouveaux Plaisirs d'Architecture puts the spotlight on the work of the following architects: adn architectures, vincent p. alexis, Label architecture, LLAC architectes, Radim Louda, orthodoxe, SPECIMEN, VERS.A et V.O.
The book is nominated at the DAM Architectural Book Award.
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