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Under the supervision of
Aude-Line Dulière, Juliet Haysom et James Westcott

Essay: Digestion

Essay: Digestion
Essay: Digestion

We invite you to discover the essay entitled Digestion written by Aude-Line Dulière, Juliet Haysom and James Westcott as a continuation of the Placeholders project, presented in 2021 at the V&A in London, an exhibition on the theme of the circular economy linked to the reuse of building materials, and more broadly to sustainable development.

An opportunity to practice the circular economy in the most literal way by bringing back the stones dismantled from the facade a few years earlier and adding a new chapter to the odyssey of these stones.

The authors hope that this essay can be used as a lever to convince the authorities to keep the project in place.

The essay can be found in its entirety at this link Digestion - e-flux



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