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Paperback : 256 pages
Size: 190 x 148 mm French style

Under the supervision of
Alain Richard, Cécile Vandernoot

Groupe d’ateliers de recherche / École supérieure des Arts de la Ville de Liège

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Georges-Éric Lantair : (im)pertinence

Archidoc #5

Georges-Éric Lantair : (im)pertinence
Georges-Éric Lantair : (im)pertinence
The result of more than two years of investigative work, the book by architects Alain Richard and Cécile Vandernoot (with contributions from Aloys Beguin, Réjean Legault, Cédric Libert and Thomas Moor), provides for the first time a critical look at the architectural and theoretical production of Georges-Éric Lantair. The question of process, analyzed in the light of archives but also of field visits and numerous interviews, allows us to situate a complex and singular production. The biography of the man - and above all of the studio - brings to light collaborations - and strong friendships - and in a way draws up the portrait of a cultural landscape made of overcoming and commitments. It outlines a network but also the strength of a legacy through those who frequented the studio on Chéri Street and the drawing tables of Saint-Luc and the Faculty of Architecture. A true synthesis of a career spanning more than forty years, the book is accompanied by an inventory of projects and a complete biography as well as a poster showing the inventory in English.

Table of contents:

- From the real and the tangible, moods and crises, humor and beautiful intentions (Cédric Libert)

- Drawing boards

- The architectural process in the practice of Georges-Éric Lantair (Alain Richard and Cécile Vandernoot)

- The HLM map, the territory and its architectures (Thomas Moor)

- Inventory of architectural production (Alain Richard and Cécile Vandernoot)

- Photographed realizations

- Pants in a waterfall" or fragmentary portrait of a transatlantic friendship (Réjean Legault)

- Biographical references

- Publications / Writings



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