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Interiors. Notes and Figures

The book Interiors. Notes and Figures is published on the occasion of the presentation of the exhibition of the same name in the Belgian Pavillion at Venice Architecture Biennale 2014.

The exhibition a series of architectural interpretations of the study’s significant figures in the form of models, treatments of surfaces, and attitudes. Each intervention is accompanied by the pages from the book that locate its point of emergence. Bringing these figures together traces out, beyond their domestic origin, a project landscape that is walkable and reflexive. Interiors. Notes and Figures is envisaged as an operational study that considers the inhabiting practices of built space as potential project resources.


The concept of the interior is fundamental in architectural design. Yet there are very few studies that approach it as a separate field of inquiry. Behind the permanence of buildings’ façades, all sorts of transformations, adjustments and modifications are carried out by successive owners and occupants. Counter to the notion of modernity as an all-consuming phenomenon, a study of our everyday interiors reveals a vernacular architecture in which it seems that modernity itself is being consumed and absorbed.


Focusing on the home, the book Interiors. Notes and Figures records and analyzes the domestic landscapes that result from this process of modification. Based on the documentary evidence of thousands of photographs of home interiors throughout Belgium, it names and identifies the elements of a culture that is specific to these transformations. Photographs, texts, and diagrams pinpoint the ways in which an interior metabolism engenders and correlates forms of life and the life of forms.


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