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272 pages,
color illustrations
240 mm x 318 mm

Under the supervision of
Maurizio Cohen & Chantal Dassonville

Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles, Cellule architecture / Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures

Aurore Boraczek, Géraldine Brausch, Audrey Contesse, Maurizio Cohen, Chantal Dassonville, Sophie Dawance, Stéphane Dawans, Guy Duplat, Laure Eggericx, Pierre Frankignoulle, Jean-Louis Genard, Marie-Cécile Guyaux, Hans Ibelings, Mathilde Kempf, Géry Leloutre, Judith le Maire, Cédric Libert, Rafaël Magrou, Benoît Moritz, Pierre-Olivier Rollin, Yves Robert, Jean Stillemans, Pierre Vanderstraeten, Koen Van Synghel, Bernard Wittevrongel

Graphic design

Public price
27 €


Belgium distribution

European distribution

Inventories#0 Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles (2005-2010)

This publication gives an overview of the current architecture situation in Wallonia and Brussels, and comes five years after the publication of the Livre blanc de l’architecture en Communauté française de Belgique – Qui a peur de l’architecture ? (White Paper on Architecture in the French Community of Belgium – Who’s Afraid of Architecture?).

The publication includes:

  1. A selection of ongoing and completed projects illustrating the commitment of the government and private contractors to a form of architecture that is in harmony with the times; it also shows how these entities recognise that well-designed buildings are a means of improving quality of life for their residents and, in the case of public buildings, the community as a whole. These projects, along with their technical specifications, represent a wide spectrum of types of building, illustrating different practices and situations (from garden sheds to office blocks, and from extensions inside an urban block to polar research stations, etc.).
  2. A collection of new articles, commissioned from sociologists, philosophers, architects, critics and teachers working in the French Community and at international level, to accompany the 112 projects illustrated.
  3. An inventory of the cultural activities conducted in the field of architecture and related disciplines (publications, theses, exhibitions, audiovisual activities, conferences, etc). This publication, number ‘0’, is intended as a prelude to a continuing series of future publications, which the French-speaking Community aims to bring out periodically in order to demonstrate the highlights of architectural design in Wallonia and Brussels.


Discover two excerpts in Posts.

The book, realised by the graphic studio Speculoos, was nominated at the Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs 2010.



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