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Ledroit Pierret Polet architectes 2010 - 2019

Ledroit Pierret Polet architectes 2010 - 2019
Ledroit Pierret Polet architectes 2010 - 2019
The Ledroit Pierret Polet Architects Office was created in 1997. Their works have been exhibited since 2000 (Supernova Exhibition) and have been awarded numerous prizes. 

In 2005, the publication of the Book Style and Necessity, published by A16, highlights their first projects. It marks a turning point by proposing a reflection on their production. A production that is based on the analysis of the social, programmatic and styllistic context.

This context gives rise to projects that are both anchored and antonomous, sensitive and assertive. Projects inhabited by the pleasure of spatiality, the attention to detail and attention to materiality, without any complex of the decoritive. 

The desire to place life at the center of architecture leads the office to a meticulous reflection on the experimentation of space by the user, transcending questions of functionality and use to create unique and often polysemic and modular spaces. The office has demonstrated its ability to replicate this meticulous design work at diferente scales and on different programs. 

This collection of images offers a journey through projects carried out between 2010 and 2019, related issues of inner spatiality to their context.



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