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La présente édition est une co-production des éditions Fourre-Tout, du CCEA et du TRACE. / This edition is a co-production of Fourre-Tout Publishers, CCEA and TRACE. La présente édition a bénéficié du soutien de la Cellule architecture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles et du Fond International Visegrad. / This issue has benefited from the support of the architecture section of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and The International Visegrad Fund. Éditeurs exécutifs / Executive editors Piotr BUJAS, Igor KOVAČEVIĆ Comité de recherche, éditeurs / Research board, editors Piotr Bujas, Igor Kovačević, Iris Meder, Maroje Mrduljaš, Samu Szemerey, Yvette Vašourková Directeur de publication / Publication Director Pierre Hebbelinck Graphisme, suivi éditorial / Graphic design, editorial follow-up Pierre Geurts Conseiller éditorial / Editorial consulting Karin Grohmannová Textes / Texts Voir pages 272–279 / See pages 272–279 Traduction / Translation Taal-ad-Visie (Bruges), Martin Tharp (Prague), Anna Mrzygłodzka (Kraków) Conseiller en droits d'auteur / Copyright Advisor Jean-François Henrotte

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Lifting the curtain/Lever du rideau

Lifting the curtain/Lever du rideau
Lifting the curtain/Lever du rideau© Basia Budniak

The brutal and locked image of the "iron curtain" refers to the more or less articulated assemblage of the metal plates in front of a garage or a shop. Most of all, it evokes the opacity, the concealment of a part of Europe to the eye of the other, the long eclipse of their mutual knowledge Under the dependency of the propaganda, secret services and reciprocal ideological fantasies. Backwards from these biased constructions, this book ponctuâtes a fascinating historiographical work that sheds light on the reality and complexity of the worlds of architecture and urban planning in the former Soviet Europe. It shows the extend to which the façade monolithist of the Eastern Block truly hides an unsuspected plurality of interconnected phenomenon, analysed by numbers in the various chapters: project expériences, group organisations, circulation of actors and models, scènes of exchange and confrontation, hearts of discussions and research, alternative media.

Pierre Chabard




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