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Pages : 336
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Under the supervision of
Lamya Ben Djaffar et Isabelle De Smet

Mardaga - Cellule Architecture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Graphic design
Double Page (Daniela Corradini), associé à David Cauwe

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Modern and contemporary architecture: Mons and Coeur du Hainaut

Modern and contemporary architecture: Mons and Coeur du Hainaut
Modern and contemporary architecture: Mons and Coeur du Hainaut
The second volume of the collection Modern and contemporary architecture guide is dedicated to Mons and the Heart of Hainaut.
Simultaneously a cultural and tourism tool, this book aims to offer a new outlook on the region and its architecture through its unabashed vision on modernity. Several projects presented are truly original insofar as they have fallen into oblivion (Thirties and Sixties architecture), whilst others are presented here for the very first time, mostly within the framework of projects labelled Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture. This book was put together in a spirit of popularization and targets a wide audience (anyone displaying an interest for contemporary architecture, local heritage and history, urban history, etc.) yet aims to become a reference for specialists (University and institutional audience and architects): bibliographies, index of names (587 referenced architects and engineers, 54 artists) and building typologies (housing, culture, education, sport, civil engineering, etc.).
Placed under the direction of Lamya Ben Djaffar et Isabelle De Smet, the publication was completed in partnership with The architecture and urban planning faculty of the Mons University with the support of the Walloon Heritage Institute, Wallonia-Brussels Tourism, Wallonia-Brussels International, the City of Mons and the Mons 2015 Foundation..
The photographs were commissioned from emerging photographer Olivier Cornil under the art direction of critic Emmanuel d'Autreppe.
To be published in the Modern and contemporary architecture Guide collection: Charleroi and the Southern Hainaut (2016) and Tournai and Wallonie Picarde (2017). The first book of the collection was dedicated to Liège (2014).






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