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Patrick Bribosia, Isabelle Toussaint & Matteo Robiglio - Architectes Photographies: Marie Noëlle Dailly

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Past to Future

La Grande Carriere Wincqz

Past to Future
Past to Future
The book documents the reconversion and restoration project of the Great Wincqz Quarry in Soignies, Belgium. A site built in the 19th century for the excavation of the famous Belgian blue stone, today dedicated to an ambitious project: the Stone Pole.

The book approaches the transformation of the site in three essays:

- a photographic essay that explores the interior and exterior spaces and landscapes of the transformed site ;

- a theoretical essay that places the Soignies project in the more general issue of the reuse of industrial heritage;

- a graphic essay that reconstructs through documents, photographs of the construction phases, drawings and sketches the transformation of the site as a process of place-making that is also a collective process of meaning-making.

"The architectural design has made it possible to organize and give form to these adaptations, insertions and extensions. It allowed the transformation of the existing heritage while preserving it through a conceptual approach based on simple principles, declined in a modular way to adapt to specific operational conditions. We will refer to this approach as transformative preservation."

From the theoretical essay From the Past to the Future: transformative preservation of the Great Wincqz Quarry industrial site, by Matteo Robiglio




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